Amortentia 9 oz *Pre Order*

Amortentia 9 oz *Pre Order*


"They chose the one nearest a gold-coloured cauldron that was emitting one of the most seductive scents Harry had ever inhaled: Somehow it reminded him simultaneously of treacle tart, the woody smell of a broomstick handle, and something flowery he thought he might have smelled at the Burrow. He found that he was breathing very slowly and deeply and that the potion's fumes seemed to be filling him up like drink."


TOP - buttery, maple, lemon drops
MIDDLE - caramel

BOTTOM - toasted sugar


Add a cottagecore, aesthetic and primitive feel to your home with our mason jars, clear jars and amber jar candles. Each candle is topped with a rustic black metal lid, wicked with 100% naturally braided cotton wicks and hand poured with wax made with American grown soy beans. We also only use phthalate free fragrance oils for a cleaner burn for you and the enviornment.



SUGGESTED BURN TIME: 3-4 hours per burn

WEIGHT: 9 oz Clear Glass Jar




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