Grapefruit & Mint l Garden Gate Collection 12oz


A crisp ruby red grapefruit accompanied with refreshing spearmint leaves.


Hand poured in vintage 12oz matte green jars, all natural American grown soy bean wax, wicked with natural cotton braided wicks, carefully picked phthalate free fragrance oils, and matte black lids for a cozy feel.


Due to fluctuating temperatures and humidity during the summer months, frosting may occur on the surface of the candle (when a white crystalline layer forms on the surface of natural waxes). No worries though! Frosting is a natural reaction with natural soy wax and will not cause the candle to burn any less perfect or with no complications.


Candle Info


12 oz Green Matte Jar

Cotton Braided Wick

Black Matte Lid

50-60 Hour Burn Time


Do Not Leave Candle Burning For More Than 4 Hours At A Time.

Never Leave A Candle Unattended Near Children and/or Pets.

Always Burn On Heat Resistant Surfaces.

Keep Candle Flame Away From Loose Debris/Objects.

**Failure to comply may result in a fire, damage or injury.


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